The Classical Futurist seeks to formulate visions of the future inspired by classical antiquity.

We write essays on a range of topics, but we always draw from the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean to inform our thoughts on today and tomorrow. Our philosophy can be summarized by the following principles:

  • Recombination: Cultural revivalism is a form of innovation, because it recombines the past and the present to create something new;

  • The value of history: To think well about the future, it is worth thinking about the far past;

  • Civilizational improvement: The West, a civilization born from ancient Greece and Rome, can do more good for the world, alongside other great civilizations, if it plays its cards right;

  • Nuance: We strive for nuance in everything, but do not hesitate to defend our ideas fiercely;

  • Diversity of thought: We are interested in all schools of thought, from modernism to traditionalism, from wokism to effective altruism, but we do not strongly identify with any of them.

The Classical Futurist was founded in September 2021 by Étienne Fortier-Dubois, Caleb Ontiveros, and Sachin Maini. It currently edited by Caleb.

The exact format of the magazine has changed over time, but we generally try to maintain the pace of one new essay per month.

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Call for contributors

We are open to guest posts, and would be delighted to host your writing if it is a good fit! Contact us if you’d like to contribute. All topics are fair game, as long as they touch upon both classical antiquity and the current or future world.

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A vision of the future inspired by classical antiquity


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The world is indistinguishable from magic
A vision of the future inspired by antiquity.